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From Certificates to Careers : Here's What They Don't Tell You About Post Grad Job Search!

“So, I graduated, now what?”

What They Don't Tell You About Post Grad Job Search

Stepping into the real world is filled with uncertainty, for some, it can feel exciting and treat it as an adventure, for others, it can be a journey that is filled with challenges. each and every person has gone through this phase after graduation, but before we jump into the tips and strategies to overcome the post-graduation / unemployed phase, let’s speak about the struggle that most graduates face.

During the first months, you are most likely feeling the excitement and relief from not having to worry about your midterms or studying for long hours, you gain a sense of freedom that you have longed for a very long time... You have accomplished a big milestone when you have finally received the certificate of completing your program and you feel ready to join the workforce!

Life feels so easy right? you study, graduate and get a certificate, and you jump right into the workforce! but “real life” doesn’t always work that way for the majority, and it hits you the moment you realize that it's not, and there is no right path to landing the job that feels right for you.

Before we jump into the tips of landing your dream job, let us understand first what is it like to be a fresh graduate and what the reasons behind the challenges that most graduates face when starting their job search journey:

Being a fresh graduate means that you are currently on a break from all the responsibilities that you once had during university and you have tons of free time on your hands, but you could also be worrying about applying to jobs and landing interviews which can be stressing you out and make you go through a cycle of self-doubt, where you ask yourself questions like, “ have I picked the right career? am I qualified enough to be hired... ?” and the list goes on. But there are a few reasons why most freshers go through this cycle, here are a few:

1- Fresh graduate often struggle with landing the job because of their lack of experience resulting in a lack of confidence when it comes to their cooperation to the jobs they apply to.

A woman stressed out from job search


When you lack experience, one thing that you can do to ensure that you stay relevant while you are in the process of searching for a job is to network, stay up to date with the industry trends, and continuously build upon your skillsets through courses and certifications.

2- You are most likely not clear on what you want for a career

Confused post graduate job seeker

And this could be because of their lack of experience of the real world and the demands of the current job market.


knowing what you want for a career depends on your interests and skillset that you have already learned throughout your university courses. however, if you feel like your degree is not what you want to pursue for a career, you can always explore and experience new paths through attending courses, and workshops, or simply reading online blogs and discussion forums.

3- You don’t have that many skills to capitalize on

An unskilled woman confused


Let’s be honest, some courses are teaching us things that can be outdated or no longer valid within the job market, one way to solve this issue is to research the job descriptions of the current job openings! looking at these posts can give you a lot of insight into what employers are currently looking for.

4- Very high competition on entry level jobs

Job searching people lining up for interview


High competition is not an issue that we can solve, instead what we can do is to focus on standing out by creating our own personal branding, and building upon our existing skillset and experiences, that way recruiters will find it difficult to overlook your resume.

Landing jobs right after graduation is not as easy as many might think it is, it is a journey that is filled with rejection, disappointments, and a lack of confidence, however, this should not hold you back from trying, and remember that you can always ask for feedback from your interviewers to know what ways you can improve at.

To make your job search a journey that ends up with being hired at the right job that matches your skill set, you can send your CV to us.

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